Daar na Bhajiyaas or Black eyed peas Fritters fried to perfection with a crispy on the outside and soft on the inside a great side dish!
1 1/2 cups black eyed peas washed and soaked overnight
1 tsp fresh ginger and garlic puree
1 tbsp green chutney or per your taste
2 tbsp lemon juice or per your taste
fresh cilantro leaves
salt to taste
water just in case you need it
In a food processor add the black eyed peas and all the rest of the ingredients and blend until everything is nicely incorporated. transfer the mixture in a bowl and beat it vigorously and either with your hand or with 2 tbsp place it in the oil and deep fry until crunchy and golden brown in color, transfer the hot fritters onto a pape towel to drain the excess oil.


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