A creamy delicious chicken dish with loads of love….
for the white sauce:
4 tbsp unsalted butter
3 tbsp of flour
2 cups of milk
For our veggies:
2 cups frozen green peas
2 cups of carrots chopped
2 cups potatoes chopped
21/2 cups diced chicken breast
ginger and garlic
4 boiled eggs, shelled cubed
1/4 cup of oil
2 cups rice that has been soaked in water for 1/2 hour
2 cups stock (stock remaining from our boiled chicken and vegetables)
1 tsp black or white pepper
1 tsp dried parsley flakes for garnishing!
In a big pot add the ginger and garlic, chicken, salt, peas, and potatoes, mix all the ingredients really well, add enough water to cover the vegetables and meat, it should be an inch above the veggies, increase heat until it boils decrease heat to medium and let boil till fork tender. For the rice, add the oil and half of the rice, stir and let it fry till it is brown in color, next add the other half of the rice in the pan stir really well, add the 2 cups of broth in the rice and add the salt, stir and reduce the temperature till rice is cooked.
In another pot add the butter and let it melt, then add the flour and stir, cooking it till it smells good, and the raw flavor of the flour is gone, add the milk whisking it at all the time, this will ensure that it will not form any lumps, cook this till it gets really nice and thick, next add the vegetables and meat mixture to the white sauce, stir and also go ahead and add the boiled eggs stir, lastly add the bell peppers and a little bit of black or white pepper, do the taste test making sure the salt is enough. You can serve this dish separately or as a layered dish with the chow mein noodles. Sprinkle with dried parsley flakes.

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