Crispy fried bananas with a crispy shell on the outside and a gooey center topped with powdered sugar…. illustrated in Gujrati. Video in English also available on You Tube

2 1/2 cups Canola nu tel tarwa mate
1 1/2 cups White flour kanto Meda
1/2 cup Chokha no lot
1 tbsp Elachi ni Bukhi
Taju Fudino sajawa mate
5 Kera kapela
Khan no Bhuko sajawa mate
pani lot bandwa mate
Mix together both the flours and the cardamom, give it a good stir than add water slowly to make a batter that resembles a pancake batter. Peel and slice bananas and add to the batter fold it in the batter very carefully making sure you don’t mash the bananas. Start dropping the bananas individually in the oil once one side is crispy turn it around and fry until crispy and golden brown


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