A super easy and delicious meat curry that is bursting with flavor!
In a pressure cooker start adding your oil, once a little hot add a cinnamon stick, dried chili peppers and the mixture of onions and anaheim peppers as well as the salt, let the mixture cook for about a minute and now start adding the dried masala powders starting with the cumin and coriander masala, half of the garam masala, and the turmeric mix all this really well, After about 30 seconds add the tomato paste and again fry it a little with all the spices, next go ahead and add the kashmiri chili powder and the spanish paprika, make sure and mix it really well and now add the meat and again give it a good mix and let saute for about a minute. Add enough water that it covers the meat and let come to a boil, cover the pressure cooker until you have 3 whistles that blow. Let it cool down a little where there is no pressure built in it, uncover the pressure cooker and make sure the meat is nice and tender. Turn the heat back on and add the potatoes until they are fork tender. Make sure you do a taste test and adjust the seasoning according to your pallet! Top with fresh coriander and serve. This can be enjoyed with parathas, or rice…

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