Super soft deep fried dough that puffs up making it hollow on the inside! Sprinkle some powdered sugar and you have a real treat with a cup of chai or coffee!
Mom’s no fail Mahamry or Mandazi
3 cups white flour
1 egg
8 tbsp sugar
8 tbsp oil
2 tbsp yeast (if it’s very cold and the temperature is warm then 1 tbsp will be enough)
cardamom powder (optional)
1 cup warm warm
pinch of salt
extra flour for dusting
In a big bowl add the white flour, sugar, yeast, mix well then add the beaten egg, oil, cardamom powder and bind the dough with warm water until nice and soft… let rest until doubled in size. Next make 4 sections. Take each section and roll out in a roti and make another 4 sections, do this to all, put on a fabric sprinkled with white flour and let rise til double in size. Heat up the oil and fry the mahamrys till golden brown!
Makes 16 if cut in four if you are making heart shaped then you should be able to get about 24 depending on how big your heart cutter is.

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