Homemade toffee which is super delicious and so rewarding to be given to friends and family! Get creative and package these up they are going to be a hit at your next get to gather!
2 cups toasted crushed almonds
8 tbsp 1/4 of a cup or 4 oz
11/2 cup packed brown sugar
1 tbsp corn syrup
1 tbsp of vanilla
3 tbsp water
11/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
In a cookie sheet line it if you like add about 1 cup of the chopped almonds and leave it aside. In a pan add the butter and let it melt a little add the brown sugar, and corn syrup let it melt on med low making sure to stir it all the time, add the water and keep let it come to a gentle boil at this time don’t stir it just move it around by picking up the pot. This time put the thermometer in the pan and wait till it gets to 280 immediately take it off the stove add the vanilla give it a good stir and pour it on the almond mixture evenly. Finally top it off with the chocolate chip, this should melt the chips then take a spatula that is heat resistant spread it evenly and top it off with the rest of the chopped almonds. Wait for a couple hours until it is completely cool before you break them up.

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