This is a delicious and quick healthy recipe of how to make okra or ladies finger curry using both the air fryer and the instant pot, if you don’t have either of the machines don’t worry I do have a conventional way of making and the link is in the video. Enjoy!

3 to 4 lbs of fresh okra
3 to 4 potatoes diced and peeled
2 tomatoes blended with
1 chili pepper can add more for more spice olive oil water salt to taste
2 tbsp tomato paste
1/2 fresh lemon juiced
3 tbsp fresh coriander chopped
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp mango powder
2 red dried chili peppers
1 small onion copped small
1 tsp ginger and garlic

Method: Start by air frying the okra, drizzle a little bit of olive oil on it and stick it in the air fryer on 270 and cook it for 6 min, when it beeps mix it and put it back in for another 6 min, once this is done keep it aside. Once the okras are done do the potatoes the same way put it on 360 and cook it for about 6 min make sure and drizzle it with a little olive oil once it beeps at 6 min take out and toss and put it back in for another 6 min until fork tender. In the instant pot add 1 tbsp of olive oil and keep it on the sauté mode, once the oil is nice and hot add the onions in it as well as the dried chili peppers, once the onions are getting translucent add ginger and garlic in it and cook it to get the optimal flavor out of it, next add the tomato paste and cook it until it turns a nice maroon color, now add either the blended tomato mixture or use the curry starter kit, next add the spices in it and mix well, add salt and give it a taste test and adjust the taste according to your pallet. Once the mixture has cooked well add the lemon juiced turn the instant pot to a manual low and transfer all the air fryer okra in the instant pot with the potatoes and about 2 tbsp of water in it and close the ip and put it on the steaming mode do a manual high for 3 min and slow release for 2 min. Vent it, there should be no pressure in it, open the ip and if you feel like you need to add a little water in it then do so, this will help deglaze the pan and make some gravy as well. Top it off with more fresh lemon juice if you like and the chopped fresh cilantro and enjoy!

This can be enjoyed with my roti or parathas as well as a nice salad for a very low carb eating lifestyle

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