Whether you’re looking to make green chutney to eat along with rice or appetizers or add it to anything you are making to give it that kick, here is an easy way to prepare green chutney, out of the dozen of versions we all make this is the easiest and most versatile, recipe that you can make and store. Not only is it simple and easy, but it’s quick and delicious! You don’t need to have an exact measurement for this recipe but this is what I used to make extra to be stored in the freezer
10 bunches of fresh coriander
20 mild peppers (cut and deseaded) salt water as needed lemon juice to add the tartness according to your pallet

Method: Wash and drain the coriander keep aside, In a blender start mixing everything slowly so it’s a nice consistency, make sure and do a taste test and adjust the tartness and spiciness according to your pallet. This can be stored in the fridge for about a month and can be frozen for about year. Enjoy

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