A traditional dish we have had for years, yummy savory ladoos eaten with yogurt in the wintery cold months.

3 cups bajra flour
8 tbsp fresh garlic leaves
salt to taste
water to bind dough
1 cup hot ghee
coal to make barbecue flavor
In a big bowl add the flour and salt, mix the flour well and start adding water slowly to bind a dough. Make portions and roll them out than cook them in a frying pan. After the rotlas are done let them cool a little than break them up and crush them in the food processor. Now lets start assembling the ladoos by adding salt to taste and the fresh ginger, mix well and than if you want to give it the barbecue flavor this is the time to do it. After 15 min throw the coal away and start adding the hot ghee until the mixture is wet enough to form the ladoos. Make the ladoos and enjoy eating with plain yogurt.


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