\A quick healthy energy bar using jaggery packed with seeds and nuts!
16 oz jaggery
3/4th tbsp ghee
12 oz of mixed nuts and seeds
roasted sesame seeds
roasted sunflower seeds
roasted pumpkin seeds
roasted cashews broken
roasted black sesame seeds
roasted sliced almonds
roasted pecans pieces
Keep everything ready before you start melting the jaggery, prepare the rolling pin, the work surface, the pizza cutter, a little bowl by spreading ghee on it liberally to prevent the bar from sticking. In a heavy bottom pan melt the jaggery and ghee slowly till it reaches a hard candy consistency, make sure and do a test on a plate, once you get that add all the nuts and seeds and coat it well with the jaggery. Transfer the mixture on the working surface and flatten it. Finally cut it with a pizza cutter and let cool completely.

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