Coconut lovers dream come true with the coconut hearts and chocolate, it shouts out I love you!! Make it for that someone special or a special occasion by changing up the colors!
4 cups desiccated coconut
1 14 oz can condensed milk
rose essence (optional)
To be used later
semi sweet chocolate melted
white chocolate melted
food coloring (optional) red, pink, and lime green
In a big bowl add the coconut, condensed milk and the rose essence mix it well and separate the mixture according to how many colors you are planning to have. Add the individual food color in the individual containers and mix the colors well. If using a mold place the mixture in the molds if using a tray just set it in a tray and cut it with a cookie cutter, but leave it in the pan and refrigerate until set and easy to handle. Once the coconut pieces or hearts are easy to handle melt your chocolate and either dip or drizzle them with whatever color chocolate you want. Use your imagination and explore your artistic creativity.

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