Bite into a refreshing crispy, crunchy egg roll bursting with flavors of fresh lemon basil, mint and cilantro to wake up all your senses!
Little Chef eggroll wrap
2 Vermicelli bean thread noodle bunch soaked and drained
2 cups Coleslaw
1 cup shredded or Matchstick Carrots
Lemon Basil
Fresh Mint leaves
1 small Onion chopped in small pieces
Lemon Pepper
2 eggs (1 egg for the mixture and 1 egg for sealing the wraps)
3 Egg yolks
Salt to taste
2 Egg yolks
Black Pepper
2 cups Shredded boiled Chicken
enough Canola oil for frying
Peel and separate the egg roll wrappers and wrap with a damp towel. Put the coleslaw in a big mixing bowl, next add the carrots and the chopped onion, stir all the ingredients together and incorporate the cellophane noodles and snip it so it is bite size. Add the chicken and all the fresh herbs, 1 egg and the yolks as well as the seasonings, do a taste test and start filling up the eggrolls making sure you seal with the egg mixture and fry!
Serve with the homemade chinese sweet and sour chutney!
Video available on You Tube!


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