his is a full proof recipe on how to make samosa or egg roll wrappers and this recipe is guaranteed to work provided you follow the instructions in the video above.
3 cups white all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
enough olive oil to brush on the puris
enough white all purpose flour to sprinkle on the puris
In a big bowl add the flour and salt next start adding water slowly to it to bind a dough that is not too soft nor too hard. Make 24 balls and keep aside. Next roll out each ball into a 4 or 5 inch diameter keep them aside until you are done with all. You can keep them in groups of 4 or 6 whatever you are comfortable with, then put oil on both sides as well as sprinkling them with flour and start layering them, don’t put oil and flour on the top puri, next roll it out round or oval shaped that is about 12 inches. Next have a flat pan on medium high and follow the video on how to ensure cooking and peeling of the wrappers.
Makes 24 balls
24 egg roll wrappers
48 samosas
Jalapeno and Cheese Samosas

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