Combine the creaminess from the avocado and combine it with the fluffy whipping cream and you have the most amazing pairing ever!
2 avocados (deseeded and pureed with a little almond milk and some sugar)
16 oz of whipping cream
use 4 oz each in both the plain and chocolate avocado
the other 8 oz to beat up the whipping cream for garnish
2 tbsp cocoa powder in the chocolate avocado
Sugar to taste
fruits of your choice for garnish
This doesn’t really have measurements, but I used two whole avocados that I peeled, deseeded, and pureed with a little organic coconut sugar. Next I divided the mixture in two bowls and added 4 oz of whipping cream in each bowl, (do a taste test and adjust it according to your taste) In one bowl also add the cocoa powder and beat both the bowls and keep them aside. In a third bowl add the rest of the whipping cream and the sugar and beat it till you have stiff peaks. Follow the video to see how I plated and garnished these amazing desserts. Garnish with whipped topping, fruits of your choice and a mint leaf.

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