This is an amazing Bengali mithai that is very fun to make and easy, it tastes delicious and looks amazing!
To make the paneer you will need
4 to 5 cups of whole milk
1 tbsp of lemon or lime juice you can also use vinegar
1 tbsp of water
Ing to mix in the sandesh
crushed pistachios as much as you like
powder sugar to taste
1 tsp cardamom powder or to taste
saffron (optional)
rose essence (optional)
extra crushed pistachios for garnishing (optional)
Boil the milk so it boils once then turn heat off so it cools down just a bit then put the flame on and add the lemon juice and water and keep stirring till you see the the milk has separated and looks like cottage cheese, transfer the mixture on a big plate and knead this till it is really nice and smooth then go ahead and add the pistachios, cardamom, rose essence and knead it some more. Transfer this in a pan and cook the mixture till the mixture is really fragrant and forms a ball then transfer back in the plate. Let the mixture cool just a little so it’s easy to work with, at this point add powdered sugar little by little until you are satisfied with the taste, if you choose to add the saffron add it now or leave it plain. Make a ball and indent with your index finger and fill with pistachios!

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