Sweet vermicelli cooked to perfection with raisins and almonds, a great side dish or dessert to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or chai!
sugar syrup
4 tbsp of sugar
1 cup water cardamom powder Make chasni or sugar syrup and keep it aside
1 bag fine vermicelli crushed
1 tbsp ghee or butter
1/4 cup raisins
1/2 cup slivered almonds

Method: In a saucepan add the ghee or butter and melt it than go ahead and add the vermicelli making sure you crush it completely, roast the vermicelli for about two minutes and add just a little more ghee in the middle and add the raisins until the puff up a little, now add the almonds mix completely, slowly pour the chasni or sugar syrup in and cover the saucepan and lower the heat to low for about 15 minutes until the mixture has absorbed all the syrup and the vermicelli has softened up. Do a taste test and adjust per your taste plate it and garnish it with more almonds!

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