Delicious slices of marinated meat stuffed with asparagus and bell peppers.
1 lbs of very thin sliced meat
Marinated in 1 tbsp of ginger and garlic, 1 tsp of soy sauce, salt to taste and pepper to taste. Marinate this meat at least a couple of hours.
2 tbsp olive oil
15 asparagus cut on top
1 thinly sliced bell pepper (yellow)
spring onions to tie them in notes (optional)
black and white sesame seeds just for garnishing
Place some oil in a pan and put it on med high, then straighten out the meat on a plate and place one asparagus and one bell pepper in the middle and make a tight role. If you like just for garnishing you can wrap the rolls in spring onions (the bottom part) and tie a knot. Once all the meat rolls are stuffed put it in the pan and pan fry, make sure and cover the lid for 3 to 4 min so the steam cooks it, turn and let cook till meat is cooked through! Once all the meat rolls are done you can garnish it with the sesame seeds. For the sauce you want to mix the drippings with a little water and add some sweet chili sauce and soy sauce, do a taste test so it is a flavorful sauce. Arrange on a platter sprinkle with chopped spring onions and the black and white sesame seeds.

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