Delicious potato fritters that are curried and fried to perfection with crispy on the outside and soft on the outside. A perfect addition to a great meal!
8 boiled potatoes peeled
for the wagaar
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
4 to 5 curry leaves
1 tsp mango powder
1 tbsp green chutney
1 tbsp dried parsley leaves
citric acid to taste
1 tbsp lemon juice
salt to taste
to fry
1 cup chick pea flour
water to make a pancake like batter
For the Chutney
2 tbsp Cayenne powder
1 tbsp paprika
lemon juice (enough to make a paste)
2 cups canola oil to fry the fritters
Mash the potatoes well, on the side heat up about two tbsp of oil and once hot add the mustard seeds, curry leaves, turmeric, mango powder, citric acid, green chutney, and stir well making sure you don’t burn the spices, next add the hot mixture to the mashed potatoes and massage both the ingredients really well, add salt and make sure you do a taste test at this time so you can adjust it to your pallet. Next make them into small rounds any size you desire. Heat up your oil, next we are going to make a coating for the potatoes, to the chickpea flour add salt, lemon juice, dried parsly flakes, cayenne powder and water to the mixture, this should resemble a light pancake batter where it is not runny but it will coat the fritter well. Next test the oil by just putting in the batter and than start dipping the fritters in the chickpea flour and start frying the fritters until they are golden brown on both ends…
Chutney Method:
In a bowl add the paprika, cayenne, salt and lemon juice and mix it well…


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