This is a dessert I grew up eating and it’s one of my favorite desserts that I can still have despite having diabetes and being low carb. What sets this dessert different from the rest is it’s dairy free and it’s made with the smooth rich and delicious coconut cream. Sweeten it with your favorite sweetener and make it keto friendly as well.
Ing: 1 small bottle guard peeled and grated
Your choice of sweeter
pinch of salt
cardamon powder
coconut cream 6.8 oz or 200 ml
heavy whipping cream and or almond milk depending on how thick you want this pudding to be
Method: Peel and grate the bottle guard and keep it aside. In a pan add the bottle guard and cook for about 30 seconds next add the salt, this will help in taking the moisture out of the bottle guard, next add the coconut cream, your choice of sweetener and the cardamon powder. Cook it until the bottle guard is transparent, at this point you can add almond milk to make it dairy free or you can add whipping cream in there as well. If you are anything like me this will only serve 1 person.

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