A great fresh and orangey salad with an addition of crispy pears and a homemade dressing!
4 to 5 cups of a spring mix salad
1 pear sliced
1 orange segments
1 tsp flex seed
2 tbsp honey roasted sunflower seeds to be added just before eating
in a different bowl mix the following dressing ingredients
2 tbsp of organic honey
1 fresh lime juiced
mix these ingredients really well
than juice 1 whole orange
zest of 1 orange (reserve the orange and put segments of the orange in the salad)
1 tsp vinegar (you can use balsamic or apple cider vinegar if you like)
Mix the above dressing well, than slice the pears and add them to the salad and also cut the orange and add the segments of the orange in the salad as well. Mix everything well and lastly add the flaxseed and the sunflower seeds!


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